For aspirational Millennials and Gen-Xers that live in or near metropolitian hubs and enjoy the self improvement and realization of working with their hands and on DIY home projects, Tweak It offers wide range of content and experiences that includes renovation projects for one-of -a- kind custom furniture, how-tos, pop ups and workshops. Tweak It is driven by its talented, charming and socially active founder Adar Kirkham, whose unique perspective and creative vision inspire others to not only "tweak" their furniture pieces but also to motivate them to chase their dreams and express their personal vision and story through hard work, out-of-the-box thinking, and positive mindset.


Tweak It Manifesto

Every little Tweak we make, makes a difference. When we put all of our Tweaks together, we change our world, and the world around us.

We approach life humbly, with gratitude and appreciation for what we have, and we give ourselves to our work passionately. Through our Tweaks we express our true essence and embrace our unique story in the process. It's a self-discovery and self-expression in full color. Our essence is our style.

Tweak It reimagines style and nurtures creativity. Our home needs our colors, and our life needs our own edge. 

We are socially tuned in, in style, at the edge and on function. With our hands on form and our hearts in the universe, we breathe life and color into the home.

Through our innovative custom restyles, we ignite conversations; real talk that inspire and cultivate change - one tweak at a time.